Image 1 'untitled' 2021.


Life & Death is the subject of Jye Barclay’s photographic series DREAMLAND, 2016.

The series suggests an idea of deterioration and abandonment co-existing in an unfolding metropolis and the chaos that the human race creates.

Shot twice, these photographs capture the destruction of a destination once sort after - exposed over - a manic world of congestion, perhaps foreshadowing its own inevitable destruction.

The landscape of an abandoned Nara Dreamland, echoes ghostlike memories of laughter and euphoria. The use of Shibuya Crossing as the comparative world, highlights the idea that our own existence may be crossing over from expansion and progression to eradication and chaos, also at our own hand.

Perhaps these worlds, as well as the human race, will always co-exist - To facilitate progress, we must also cause destruction. Meaning - for there to be life, there must be death.

—Jye Barclay, 2021


Dimensions: 105cm H x 85cm W

Frame: Dark Japanese Oak 



    165 St Georges Rd

    Fitzroy North 3068



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