... the rain bearer floats above it all, a hovering body, brimming

waiting, expecting relief – 

for the moment a cloud is sliced to release its bloat ...


‘...and then the water whispered’ is inspired by the connective forces of flowing water, weaving through rock and soil, bone and battered gums, to find its way back to the great oceanic body. Through two winter residencies, one in the Snowy Mountains (Ngarigo Country) and the other in Kangaloon (Dharawal Country), we studied the land and how its been shaped by water, to develop our new collection. 


MATERIALS – .925 – sterling silver [anti tarnish]
FINISH –   High polished 
WEIGHT –  5g [pair]

DETAIL – Stud Backing   



LOKI PATERA - Cloud Cutter Hoops