"Super Wide draping pants with elastic & drawcord waistband in bamboo velour. Mixed vintage hardware drawcords. Bleach printed with RTTS logos and illustrations. Extremely soft and comfy. Fabric is 70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 2% poly. Available in 2 fits: size one is suited to Aus Femme sizes 4-12 for a relaxed, draped fit or as a *juicy* narrow fit for Aus femme sizes 12-18. This size is most suited to masc 32” and below. Size two is the original super wide cut, with a dramatic draping fit up to a size 20 Aus femme and masc 34” and above. Made in Australia." - Ramp Tramp Stamp Online

RAMP TRAMP STAMP - Yummy Mummy Valour Tracksuit Pant Pink